Cured in-place drainage pipe lining

Cured in-place pipe lining is an unintrusive and cost-effective method for repairing underground drainage pipes. The technique involves the use of a resin which is cured to form a seamless new interior surface to drainage pipes which is hard wearing and resistant to root intrusion.

Pipe lining can be used to repair a range of issues including joint displacement and cracks and avoids the need for traditional pipe replacement that invariably requires excavation followed by remediation works to make good the surface above.

Here are our top 5 reasons for using in-place pipe lining over excavating and laying new drainage pipework:

No need for costly excavation and the resulting remediation works.

Cost-effective when compared to digging and laying new pipework.

Long lasting and more resistant to root intrusion than traditional drainage pipe materials.

Fast installation means repairs are completed in hours instead of days.

The seamless pipe interior, free from joints removes the risk of joint displacement associated with traditional drainage pipe installation.

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