Information Security

As an accredited member of the govermnment backed Cyber Essentials scheme, Daniel James Construction Services is committed to information security and to ensuring that digitally stored information is kept safe.

Technical Innovation

As an organisation we embrace technology to help us achieve our operational goals. We have created bespoke software perfectly aligned to our needs and to those of our customers. and we're very proud of the result.

Leveraging the power of our software we're able to intelligently schedule repairs, effectively communicate with customers and tenants, refine our supply chain and purchasing process, monitor key performance metrics, and provide accurate, real time information to staff, whether office based or in the field.

But where our software really delivers is through the data it collects. Performance related data and key metrics harvested from our database are analysed to identify efficiencies and drive service improvement. Dashboards visible to all help foster a culture of ownership and responsibility at all levels of our organisation.

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customer benefits

  • Comprehensive quality control
  • Highly skilled local teams
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • 93% Right first time
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