Insulation of pitched roof

Warm vs. Cold Roofs. The Differences

A look at the differences between warm and cold roof structures, thermal efficiency and installation techniques.

Condensation on house window

Condensation in Domestic Buildings

An introduction to condensation. What it is, why it forms and how it is addressed.

Condensation on ceiling of house

Condensation Control and Prevention

Exploring the most effective ways to keep condensation under control.

Gutter overflowing and blocked with leaves

The Importance of Gutter Maintenance

Maintaining gutters and downpipes is key to preventing issues that can lead to water ingress.

Pitched roof vapour control layer

Vapour Control Layers Explained

An essential component for condensation prevention, vapour control layers address problems associated with interstitial condensation.

Lining of underground drainage pipe

The Benefits of Cured in Place Pipe Lining

Using resin impregnated liners for structural repairs to underground drainage, avoiding the need to dig.

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