Project Info


Chimney Repair & Rebuild


North West London


Apr, 2021




Private Client

project description

Daniel James Construction Services were contacted by a private customer in need of emergency chimney repairs following severe weather. Our surveyor attended and found part of the chimney stack missing, allowing large volumes of rainwater into the building.

Our surveyor assessed the structure of the chimney and confirmed the integrity of the stack below the corbelled courses. Because of this, we were able to reduce costs by removing and rebuilding the damaged courses of brickwork only.

Scaffolding was quickly erected by Daniel James Construction Services and work on partially rebuilding the chimney stack commenced, carefully removing chimney pots to be later re-bedded in new flaunching.

project details

  • Partial rebuild of chimney stack
  • Renewal of chimney flaunching
  • Supply and erect scaffolding
  • Protection of PV panels and skylights